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Happy New Year!

It is already 2024!

Had some time to revamp the site, i did a lot of tweaks and changes. I hope you like it.

Great to see that we now also got a community driven site to help new users, take a look at: getdero.org.

In the end of 2023 Engram Beta has been released wihch is awesome! Engram Beta Release and last but not least we got JoyRaptor working
on the design of the G45W Wallet "My thoughts working on the #Dero g45 wallet visuals"

Arcanesphere | 01 Januari 2024


Probably karma brought you here. Anyways Welcome!

This is a test. If your soul is longing for souvereignity, privacy and coming forth from those two, Freedom!
Come and join the Dero ecosystem and use the (for now) parallel-economy in freedom, dignity and in a unstoppable way.

Try as a human being to manage your greed and understand why you are here, why the Dero protocol is build and the ecosystem is evolving. Like Bitcoin and Monero,
Dero is build to transact in a unstoppable way, but with smart-contract capabilies and privacy in mind.

To understand why we need this cypherpunk mentality read "A Cypherpunk's Manifesto" by Eric Hughes and if you are longing for more
read "The Sovereign Individual". This book explores the social and financial consequences of this ongoing revolutionary change.

Arcanesphere | 12 August 2023